Rhiannon Rees Counselling

Helping you navigate your loss

I’m a counsellor that helps people struggling with life and loss to explore and understand their difficulties and find ways to cope.

As a counsellor I support people struggling with a wide variety of issues and I specialise in loss after life changes and bereavement. I can help you to engage with your emotions as they are right now, gain a deeper understanding of them, yourself and your difficulties and find ways to cope.

Feeling stuck?

Bereavement, loss and life stressors can leave you feeling:
a. Lost, confused and overwhelmed
b. As if nobody understands
c. As if you have to stay strong no matter what

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed and struggling with low mood? Perhaps your having difficulty sleeping or concentrating and you worry that talking to family and friends will burden them.

Maybe it’s time to:

1. Feel supported, so you can experience your emotions without feeling overwhelmed
2. Understand your difficulties
3. Feel empowered, resilient and able to cope

Through warmth, compassion and non-judgemental acceptance, I can support you toward feeling able to cope. Counselling can help you let go of worrying and overthinking, enable you to develop self awareness and confidence and as a result, your relationships may improve too. You feeling brighter, more confident and able to make the changes you may wish to see.

I’m Rhiannon and I provide therapeutic counselling, enabling people to feel truly understood and supported so they can move forward, feeling content, capable and confident.

Rhiannon Rees Counselling and Therapy in Leeds

Life changes and stress from loss; ending of a relationship, bereavement, loss of your health, changes in your career, miscarriage, loss or a role, abandonment or loss of your confidence, can leave you feeling empty, alone and struggling to cope. If you want to make a change but aren’t sure how, counselling can help. Find out how.

I’ve worked with countless people just like you. So don’t struggle on alone; give me a call…

Call now for your free 15 minute telephone consultation.

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